Teslasine is a 100% Green Service. Teslasine vehicles are all electric Tesla models with no emissions. At Teslasine we are always charged up and ready to go anywhere in the GTA and beyond! Our reliable, courteous and luxurious service makes us the #1 executive car service.

Teslasine is a provider in fast and stylish transportation. We deliver elegant service to passengers in need of transportation to and from their destination. Our services range from airport transportation to special occasions and events. Teslasine surpasses any limousine company because of our vehicles’ performance, elegance and our superior service.

Teslasine uses the finest vehicles on the road that all want or are anticipating to drive. With elegant designed interior and exterior. Tesla’s innovative aerodynamic body helps to improve drive performance and makes it the pinnacle of automotive on the road. Our vehicles have a spacious cabin for passengers and enhanced safety features.

Arrive in style while promoting a sustainable planet for the future.